In a Digital Age, the Potential of your Company lies as much with the Potential of your People, as it does technology

We’ve been helping businesses reinvent their digital future, through their people, for over 15 years.

Businesses we have helped transform

Realise your organisations potential through technology, via your people


For over 15 years, WWC has believed in realising the potential of your people in order to unlock growth through digital. Combining 15 years of digital and change management experience our advisory is designed to unite teams around a shared vision that speaks to the heart, not just the head. And then to mobilise the critical people to create the right culture and turn that vision into a realityFor us, people are the start and end to effective and sustainable digital change in any organisation.

‘People with Technology’ Framework


We have taken research and case study examples from across the globe to understand the real factors for successful digital transformation. Irrespective of size or company of geographical location, there are very clear commonalities that always exist when success is present. These are the foundations that become the framework we use to drive success for our customers.

Becoming Change Fit

At WWC we believe becoming “CHANGE FIT” is at the centre of an organisations ability to digitally transform.

WWC CEO, Mike Perk, talks about the importance of becoming “CHANGE FIT”

Mike Perk, CEO

Mike is both the CEO and co-founder of WWC. He uses over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Marketing and Technology to help guide organisations through the people and organisational change required to achieve a culture of innovation and true Digital Transformation.

Louis Janse Van Rensburg, Partner

Louis is the Managing Director of WWC in Johannesburg & across Africa. With a specialisation in Business Growth, Digital Strategy and Organisational Change, Louis partners with leadership teams to navigate the uncertainties and opportunities presented by digital technologies.

Alex Acton, Senior Advisor

Alex heads up WWC’s African business contingent. A true lover of the continent, he is constantly searching for ways to combine technology with people as a tool for innovation. He does this by uncovering untapped opportunities hidden in the inner workings and strategic intentions of our clients.

Joanne Reid, Senior Advisor

Joanne uses her wealth of customer experience and passion for service excellence to guide our clients towards truly transformative business solutions. Her understanding of what it takes to deliver tangible value to our clients, and theirs, gives Joanne a merited guru-like status amongst her peers and the clients she works with.

5 things

you didn’t know about WWC

  • We have a “people first” approach to DX with a strong technology underpinning.
  • We have a 15-year track record in technology innovation, customer experience and change management throughout Africa.
  • We have a best-of-breed partner network within our group and throughout Africa.
  • We have in-depth experience in specifically five industries: Mobility (logistics, automotive, transport), Finance (banking, insurance), Retail (bricks & mortar, e-commerce), ICT (telecoms, IT) & Media (print, radio, digital).
  • We have the benefit of being a boutique firm i.e. high-touch and agile.


We partner with companies throughout Africa, who believe in the power of digitally driven growth. With this pan-African focus, we look to providing organisations with digital services that are both industry and market focused.