“31% of businesses say their current culture is the biggest obstacle to innovation”


– BCG Global Innovation Survey


To succeed in today’s fast-moving economy, traditional corporate structures are holding back companies, even great companies, from being creative enough and speedy enough to compete effectively.

For many business owners, CIO’s and HR Directors developing innovation cultures is something they know they have to do but just can’t seem to get to. And every year they don’t move forward, the gap between them and their competition gets wider.

So how the hell do you start innovating when you don’t even have time to do what you already do?


Using our propritory online assessment tool we will roll out a company wide survey to better understand the current innovation, silo’s and forces for and against change within your organisation.


Through online leadership interviews we will look to understand the vision and level of appetite to create an innovation culture. Secondly we introduce the self-reflection needed to help understand the correlation between choices/behaviours and the culture they create.


In a series of 4 carefully designed 1hr online facilitated discussions your team members will collaborate to answer: What is our current reality in terms of our digital culture? (Review of survey results), What is our opportunity? What barriers will we have to overcome? How can our initiatives succeed?


The creation of a strategy to become the change and the identification and detail of the first key initiatives to begin immediately.

Where managing is about organising, coordinating, and telling, leading is about inspiring, enabling and co-creating.

– John Kotter

Build an Innovation Culture

Based on key lessons from John Kotters fable about Meerkat colonies, “Thats not how we do it here” and the principle that important changes are driven by many people from everywhere in the company.

All organisations start with a structure that looks like a dynamic solar system. They can be very fast and agile. They attract people who play around with crazy ideas. This series of interactions is the first step to bringing back that agile, experimental, silo-free network you once had.

The session will help your team to recognise and articulate opportunities and barriers to innovation and dealing with risk that, when addressed, will move your team to action. When we focus a discussion on what we can do, not what we can’t, great things start to happen.

A dual operating system that is more agile and innovative will allow you to take advantage of unpredictable windows that might open and close quickly, and to spot and avoid unpredictable threats And deal with them quickly.

Ultimately it will identify the most impactive steps with which to move forward on your digital transformation development journey. Whether that is creating a picture of your potential, strategising an evolving digital roadmap, driving agile ways of working to decentralise decision making or building adaptability, we will agree on the initiatives required for you to grow and help construct a programme of change

The principles of of the Kotters proposed dual operating system is:

  • Many people driving important change, and from everywhere, not just the usual few appointees.
  • A “get-to” mindset, not a “have-to” one.
  • Action that is head and heart driven, not just head driven.
  • Much more leadership, not just more management.
  • An inseparable partnership between the hierarchy and the network, not just an enhanced hierarchy.

"I loved the use of the Meerkat story and the way in which it made it easier for all staff, at all levels to identify and talk openly about the specific barriers to change in our company. It helped get to the root of our resistance and by the end of the process everyone left with an understanding of what they needed to do to make change happen. Within 1 year the way we operated and communicated was far more agile and decision making more distributed. This led to more creative thinking and more innovation at all levels throughout the company."

Sammy-Jane Every, Creative Director, 2U

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