Test conceptual ideas, build strong touchpoints and build a relationship with your customer by selecting the appropriate channels for communication.

Your owned platforms and interfaces are key in building a digital relationship with your customer. Ensuring this “digital face” of your business is working effectively to provide your customers with tools and information for them to engage with your business will improve their experience while also having positive operational affects on your business. Aligning this with an ever present communication is sure to build the relationship you are looking for.




Design and build light interactive proof-of-concepts before committing to the often costly and time-consuming development of web interfaces and mobile application.

When new ideas arise where there is is still a level of uncertainty, prototyping offers many benefits. Prototyping allows you to design and build interactive versions of web interfaces and mobile applications.. These can be used to internally stress-test for logic against business procedures, customer tested for usability and ultimately used to ensure buy-in or raise finance to realise the project.


Ensure that digital interactions with your customers are frictionless, creating an effortless experience for both you and them.

Building strong digital touchpoints does not need to be a complicated exercise. The formula for doing this well requires strong technical understanding of your business data, a clear understanding of your brand and messaging, the right choice of platform and a well-crafted plan. From building out a technical scope all the way to realising the end solution, let us guide you along this journey.

5 Attributes

of well crafted digital customer touchpoints

  • Simple to use
  • Intelligently tied to your core solutions
  • Designed to provide a consistent brand experience
  • Developed to act as a source for data collection
  • Built to help reduce operational requirements on your business


Ensure your platforms are frictionless and your customers will continue to return.

User experience (UX) is a key determinant of the uptake of your digital touchpoints. Assessing your user interfaces (UI) through heuristic testing and the analytical data will clearly show where improvements can be made to offer your customers an always improved experience.


The options for two-way communication grow day-to-day, but which platforms do you choose and why?

Maintaining regular and high quality conversations with your audience will ensure your brand remains top of mind. Through the plethora of social platforms available along with the multitude of immediate real-time platforms on which brands and customers are beginning to engage, managing this communication in real-time is becoming a key differentiator. With the event of communication bots and 24/7 customer needs, where do you begin?

Through our partner network, WWC is able to help you realise beautifully crafted digital interfaces.