By Building greater awareness of self and team

In this digital world, the success stories have a clear pattern. The winning companies all have leaders with greater awareness of both self and team, and greater core digital skills. Leadership behaviour and the willingness to learn are now more critical than ever.

“Culture and Behavioural Challenges are the most significant self-reported barrier to digital effectiveness”

– McKinsey Digital Survey (2016)




Are you safe to lead in a digital transformation organisation?

The digital world requires new leadership thinking and challenges the very core of the way we’ve made decisions in the past. Therefore to lead successfully it is critical to have a deep understanding of why you do what you do.


Understanding the digital landscape and adjusting your skills set to take advantage of it is critical.

Today’s successful digital leaders are continually learning, unlearning and relearning. They have a good understanding of their industry and competitors and are building new core skills, not just in technology itself, but also skills that allow them to lead in a digital age. Ultimately a growth in digital knowledge and skills at leadership level will increase your organisational agility, improving capacity to routinely identify and capture opportunities more quickly than your rivals.


Successful digital organisations have high performing leadership teams, that are willing to change, at their core.

For most companies looking to digitally transform the politics and culture within the leadership teams are the biggest blocker: Lack of real trust, commitment and accountability combined with a fear of healthy conflict and inattention to results mean they will never make it in the digital age. Making your leadership team perform cohesively in a world that requires us to challenge the status quo and take more risks than previously requires levels of courage and discipline that most struggle with.

7 Key Skills

great leaders work on in the best digital companies

  • Digital analyst capabilities (using information and insights from big data to help make decisions).
  • The ability to identify and develop new capabilities
  • A willingness to experiment
  • An understanding of how technology is transforming society, and translating it into business impact
  • Building collaborative environments
  • An obsession over the connected customer
  • Ability to adapt to multicultural, dispersed and different generational employees

WWC in combination with Heavy Chef offer unique leadership learning experiences, that will enable you to learn from people that have already done what you want to do. Combined with structured core skills learning, WWC can give you the tools you need to perform at the level of a successful digital leader.