“Culture and Behavioural Challenges are the most significant self-reported barrier to digital effectiveness”


– McKinsey Digital Survey (2016)


Lack of Vision, decision making paralysis, disconnected culture and a lack of purpose and adaptability are the most significant self-reported barriers to effective digital transformation. And the culture a leadership team creates is critical to breaking down these barriers.

Just like a snowflake, every successful culture is unique. However, despite their unique design, every snowflake shares the same core architecture and the latest research shows the same to be true of successful organisations thriving in a digital age. The research clearly shows they all share a common pattern of characteristics.

The best leadership teams around the world have shown they can shift their culture in these key areas by focusing their efforts on just 10 key actions and attributes, which in turn have been proven to drive the new behaviours needed.


Combining one-on-one discussions with top leadership, our proprietary digital culture assessment tool and factory floor observations, we identify areas of alignment & misalignment, gaps & opportunities and benchmark the current reality from which future strategic interventions are measured to ensure maximum return on investment in the future.


We will introduce the 10 proven attributes & actions of Future Fit leaders around the world, then engage critical thinking through a combination of research, internal survey results and impactive exercises. Ultimately leadership will leave with a better understanding of their role and the role of culture in the digital transformation process.


Finally we will co-create with you the next steps, in alignment with your overarching business strategy. Using our digital transformation change framework along with the knowledge gathered up until this point, we will explore where the focus should now turn to.

The 21st century business model has a Digital DNA at its core born directly from its  purpose.

– Mike Perk, Founder of WWC

Your ability to leverage your team on your digital journey is key to your success. Combining research from CapGemini, MIT and other global leaders in the Digital Transformation and Organisational Behaviour space with tried and tested change management principles, WWC has identified the core ‘People’ components organisations must focus on to gain a competitive advantage.

Our Future Fit Strategic Intervention will provide you with a firm understanding of your organisation and team, as it relates to digital transformation – attitudes, behaviours, structures, skills & dynamics – highlighting gaps as well as areas of high-performance. Most importantly what needs to change and what needs to be leveraged.

It will give you an increased understanding of what successful digital transformation really means, as well as the enabling and disabling factors that must be taken into consideration in order to win tomorrows game.

Ultimately it will identify the most impactive steps with which to move forward on your digital transformation development journey. Whether that is creating a picture of your potential, strategising an evolving digital roadmap, driving agile ways of working to decentralise decision making or building adaptability, we will agree on the initiatives required for you to grow and help construct a programme of change

"The Future Fit work we have done has had an amazing impact on our leadership team and the strategy has filtered down through the next levels in the company. Times are still volatile in the retail industry but we now have tools that can assist us navigate these territories and work with ambiguity with less panic and in a more measured way."

– Devni Naidoo, HR Director for Estée Lauder Companies

"The whole process was high impact with a great level of energy and understanding from Mike and the Future Fit team. The way forward is now clear and we will be using much of what we learnt to embrace the journey and ensure our team is on the same wavelength and understanding. I would definitely recommend the platform to anyone stuck in what I call "the 80’s way of doing business". I look forward to this Digital Transformation strategy starting in April, I AM READY!"

– Michael Dockerill, Manager Pinnacle Africa

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