How you choose to behave and treat other will determine your success or failure

“Culture and Behavioural Challenges are the most significant self-reported barrier to digital effectiveness”

– McKinsey Digital Survey (2016)



Your Culture has to keep pace with modern change

The world is changing at a faster rate than any other time in history and the businesses that aren’t keeping up are closing. It is not possible to wait for culture to change organically, it is simply too slow. And the problem is, that is exactly what most leaders around the world are doing. Culture is more than value statements on a wall, coloured bean bags and codes of conduct. It’s behaviour. You need to actively challenge and change your culture in order to shift the behaviour in a business to what has been proven to work in a digital age.

10 Attributes

of a Digital Culture

  • Accountability and Independence
  • Transparency and Honesty
  • Diversity and Collaboration
  • Data Driven and Customer Centric
  • Hungry to Learn and Willing to Fail


Transform Behaviour, Enrich Culture, Drive Performance

Cultural obstacles correlate clearly with negative economic performance in a digital age, such as aversion to risk and siloed mind-sets. We believe to transform culture you have to focus on the Heart. Common sayings in business are “That person spoke from the heart”, “They put their heart into it” and “Let’s get to the heart of the matter”. Heart is the character of the person. It is the emotional intelligence, self-awareness and insight into one’s behaviour – thus our impact. The heart is discerning where calm command, grit, courage and resilience are required to be an effective leader, team member and person. Changing behaviour is at the heart of changing culture, and the heart is at the centre of changing behaviour.

We can help

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