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Can't see if there's anywhere more sensible to put this ... We've just opened the bonnet of the car to find that the oil cap is missing and there is consequently no oil in the car but quite a lot all over the engine We suspect that the garage left it off last time it went for a service (er, quite a long time ago ), which is rather annoying. My son blew an engine on an old Celica after an oil change at Jiffy. If it was me, I might make a temporary cap by making a packed ball of aluminum foil and if you get the size right, it could even screw it into the spot where the oil filler cap should be, the foil ball would conform to screw threads.It is always a good idea to check up after an oil change, whether you do it yourself, if it is done by a friend you trust, or if it is done by a "professional" Anyone can make a mistake. Oil was gone and for some reason the oil warning light did not come on. (YES this SHOULD be THEIR JOB). Valvoline Premium Conventional, a trusted name in oil for over 150 years, tops our list for the best engine oil with a conventional formula. Oil leakage; A burning smell of engine oil; Signs of smoke from the engine bay; Signs of smoke from the exhaust area; Engine making too much noise Luckily I noticed there was a problem (saw smoke coming from my hood!) She didn't get any warnings or anything either prior to thye engine going. Leaky valve guides also go with the flow. so it the preassure coming from the oil fill isn't crankshaft preassure it's camshaft preassure. I look closely and see that the oil cap is gone. by damronjr » Wed Dec 07, 2005 10:48 pm, Post Absolutely NO dealer will admit to major wrong doing. They aren't especially cheap either, only real advantage is that they are fast most of the time but many dealers have 30 minute oil changes these days, plus evening and Saturday hours. I was surprised at the pressure coming out of the oil filler when I had started it without the cap on. But not everyone is so lucky. The hood won't close with it there lol. The egg splattered on the floor. They'll probably want to make a claim on their insurance.Don't let them attempt to fix or clean your vehicle. I will not go to jiffy lube again and will always check for that cap to be screwed on before leaving. 5 years ago | 2 views. Rule NUMBER 1 when taking a vehicle to a quicky lube:BEFORE LEAVING CHECK All Caps and Check for Leaks or Messes Yourself!! Blowby is ring related. Water Vapor and Dust Issues. We won't even use foil in the restaurant because of the risk of having those little tiny "flakes" falling into food. A dirty engine can make it more difficult to track down the source of the engine leak, so always perform this step. The ultraviolet light will enable you to see where any leaks originate. by drunkenmaxx » Thu Dec 08, 2005 3:15 am, Post It’s essentially made of a lot of metal parts that constantly move whenever your engine is running. Recommended Services. So when you checked the oil level, what was the result?Quote, originally posted by Mavrik »all base Vibes take exactly 4 litres.My owners manual says oil and filter change takes 3.9 quarts, or 3.7L. She showed them that she had just gotten it done there and they had to pay to replace her engine! If your doing your own change, all base Vibes take exactly 4 litres.That's a pretty damn smart idea my friend! by ragingfish » Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:31 am, Post Maintaining a car is never easy. That which may be known of God is evident within man, for God has shown it to them, so that they are without excuse. thanks but it's 11pm and everything is closed. (Romans 1:19-20) What do you want most in life? I am so glad I checked because I right after I got the oil change, I was driving to a college to meet with some friends a few hours away.I've been changing my oil since then, but will still always take a look under my hood after someone else works on it. I checked the reservoir to make sure it wasnt cracked and its good i poured water less than 3 hours ago and it dried up .. They figure, if you are dumb enough to spend that much money for a car and service. Funny - I also put my oil cap on the latch. When I opened the hood back up to recheck the level, sure enough, it was splattered with oil. And the list could go on for pages...Quote, originally posted by Mavrik »For myself as a little reminder to put it back on, I set it on top of the hood latch. A big bug splattered against the windshield of the car. Valvoline has done a great job of preparing a recipe here that exceeds the acceptable standards in all markets, both with turbocharged and non-turbo engines. Also, Toyota changed the dipstick on the '06 1ZZ engine so that it appears to hold more oil (4.4 quarts) than the '03-'05. You may laugh about it but this is one of the most common causes of low oil pressure. Great minds think seems we do. This usually takes about five minutes. I got these repairs done exactly one month ago and over the past few days my car temp gauge has been getting hot again. Engine oil all over my hands and arms Lol dropped the metal plug inside the drain pan. Hose down the engine compartment to remove all traces of degreaser and dirt and grime. The engine is now making a funny noise. and just before that an indi mech put 8 quarts of oil in and it splattered all over the engine bay. by RIT » Thu Dec 08, 2005 5:15 am, Post hopefully it won't be such a starin on your wife. When you drive under boost, if you have a leak it just mists right out of there and as you are driving it does a great job of coating your exhaust, it burns, which you will smell, it also comes out the back off your exhaust as black smoke giving the illusion that its actually coming out your tail pipe when in reality its just your entire underside covered by the oil spewing out oil return line. If it's just a light mist in some areas, you may be okay. Even if the valves don't seal properly everything goes to the intake or exhaust. 2005 AWD PlatinumAlloys, Moon & TunesPower group...just enough to be fun. by cohocarl » Wed Dec 14, 2005 5:48 pm, Post wow. Or set it right on the engine cover so when you have filled it up with oil, spin that back on before even starting the car. Summer is coming and the engines are looking forward to taking holidaymakers around the Island of Sodor. Came back and the car was done, way ahead of time. Her oil light never lit up over the past 2 weeks and she drives 110 miles a day. no problems, even under wide open throttle. by Mavrik » Thu Dec 08, 2005 5:16 am, Post Quote, originally posted by joseph »lifted up my wife's hood b/c she needed washer fluid. Splattered all over engine bay and had to drive a half a mile w/ engine temp at redline. Jason Damron, San Diego, CA, Supercharged 2004 Vibe base - Gone to the wind My Vibe pics on Cardomain2009 Chevrolet HHR SS! I may be relagated to a quicklube place. Vibe GT, TRD springs, Progress bar, STB, Unichip, Borbet E 16x7.5, 225/50 Bridgestone RE750, beefed up grounds and battery bypass capacitors(had em laying around). After driving the vehicle, open engine compartment and completely inspect all areas of the engine from top to bottom. Symptoms of Overfilled Engine Oil. after all of it splattered out and changing pcv all was well. Oil is pressurized through the crank bearings etc and then fed upwards and sprayed on the valvetrain to drain back down to the pan. by joseph » Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:12 pm, Post With so many types of oils in the market and especially synthetic and conventional oils to choose from, you may need help finding the best oil for your small engine. Ten problems related to engine oil leaking have been reported for the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze. You probably haven't lost that much oil and only need to replace the cap and get an oil change. i left my lid off once when i got back from fishing drunk and decided to change my oil. The hood won't close with it there lol. I am extremely upset with Jiffy Lube and will give them a piece of my mind tomorrow but my wife needs to leav at 6:15am for work. Start engine and run at idle. Insufficient Amount of Motor Oil. if they only knew that they didn't either...If you're referencing me choosing to go BACk to dealer oil changes because I decided DIY was too much hassle, I think your statement is way off base and flat out wrong.People pay them to do it for many reasons. I paid, then luckily I thought about just taking a look under the hood. Start the engine once the dye is completely added and run for about five minutes to circulate. Or set it right on the engine cover so when you have filled it up with oil, spin that back on before even starting the car. If you could, I'd suggest either take another car, or have the vibe towed, and get an oil cap. those guys really are grease monkeys. A load of B.S. Takes 5W30 oil, which you should be able to get most anywhere. Use our oil finder tool to find out which engine oil your car needs. What happens is that some car owners may have forgotten all about the periodic oil changes as part of normal vehicle maintenance. people pay them to do the oil chanche because they don't know how to do one. Browse more videos. (Corolla forum in. Upon lifting the hood I noticed it looked as if oil had splattered all over the various parts under the hood. Start the engine and allow it to run until the engine compartment is warm. Oil splattered out of engine. people pay them to do the oil chanche because they don't know how to do one. I too had assumed it was going to be a vacuum due to the PCV system.Ah well, regardless of that fact - I hope everything was taken care of for our new member. by jasonvibe » Mon Dec 12, 2005 7:57 am, Post Learning to fix these yourself is a way of saving money, but can be time-consuming, such as finding the source of an engine's oil leak. Removing oil from a car engine is important because it allows for a clearer visual inspection of the engine to identify leaks, broken gaskets, cracked belts and hoses. Jiffy Lube has a bunch of 23 year olds in their shops and their maturity level is quite low translating into sloppy workmanship. The dye is ultraviolet and will assist you in tracing the source of the oil leaks. - EVMore - Electric Vehichle. They just said, "we did not do anything wrong, it was just time". Can I put something in place of the oil cap as a temporary solution before I take it in tomorrow night or will it be fine for another 110 miles?thanks for your repliesjoseph. Luckily for us if our oil pressure drops to a dangerous level - the engine will shut off automatically.Still... lets not get that far - shall we? This usually takes about five minutes. Second, you should put NOTHING in that port. like other have said, don't drive the car without the oil cap. How to use splatter in a sentence. Buy car engine oil from Castrol, Mobil and Petronas, with 5w30 oil and 10w40 oil in stock. by Mavrik » Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:52 am, Post I will check the dipstick and try to add oil if needed. Changing your car’s engine oil is one of the most basic of automotive maintenance activities. by bladez718 » Wed Dec 14, 2005 11:38 am, Post Oil splattered out of engine. Thats of course after its been started and pressurized. No pools of oil on parking areas. by joseph » Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:28 pm, Post Thus, you may think that the oil pan is the problem or source of the leak. Choosing the best oil for your car's engine can be tough, given the large number of options available. Turn the engine off. Whipe up what you can. Will the noise stop after the oil has been cleaned up? A few days/weeks later it apparently fell off and blew her engine. those guys really are grease monkeys. Actually a good idea.... Sold 6/16/04 03 Vibe 5-speed, Hotchkis Sway Bars & Springs, Hooker Aerochamber, Panasonic Stereo, Hitch, Silverstars,04 Saturn Vue 2.2L Ecotec, 5-speed, 01 Stratus R/T Coupe 5-speed (wife's car) 85 Corvette 268 CompCam, 882 heads, FlatTops, 24lb injectors, Hooker Aerochamber true duals, 58mm TB, Holley AFPR, Siamesed intake base, Polished TPI. And some people don't want to risk doing it themselves, doing something wrong, blowing up the engine, and then having no one but themselves to blame. Makes me wonder if I just leave it … I probably won't even do my own on the G6 because of the time involved with the change, and more importnatly, the impossible BS I go through to get someone to take the old oil and filter. by ragingfish » Thu Dec 08, 2005 2:02 am, Post What should I be worried about? by joseph » Wed Dec 07, 2005 11:53 am, Post If your engine bay is coated in oil - it could ignite, if the exhuast parts are heavily coated.Contact your quicklube place and let them know you'll be bringing a bill in for your dealer cleaning the engine bay, a new oil cap, and an oil change. Allow the degreaser to soak for 10 minutes. Off to a shop you go in the hopes they will dispose of it for you and not charge you for it.Adding up all of that... some people find it cheaper just to have someone else do it. Lowered or not I can't get under there even on a creeper. If you have AAA or roadside assistance, you should be able to get the tow for free. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze based on all problems reported for the 2011 Cruze. I always just use a full gallon. Dirty engine oil may cause lifter failure. Rain splattered against the windows. The paint splattered my clothes. This is serious. Oil light doesn't come on. Today I tried to load it onto a ramp I built for the back of my truck. I had them clean it up with some degreaser. Playing next. Quote, originally posted by cohocarl »All joking aside, I remember some MGB's had an oil pressure switch that wouldn't allow spark unless there was oil pressure.

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