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I keep track of our expenses to give ourselves a good look at what we spend. 5.98k. We wanted to share our expenses to show you that cruising the islands does not have to be expensive. With top speeds of 30 knots, she is the fastest way to cruise to Bimini, Bahamas. We are slightly nervous with crossing the Gulf Stream. This permit cost us $300 (boats that are under 35’ cost $150). back then we had a 30 ft Columbia. Additional passengers cost $20. But I’ll be putting my house up for sale come early spring amd with the economy possibly going down the toilet I’m thinking maybe sooner. In the Hurricane Zone (Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean)Annual insurance in this region will generally cost you 1.5%-1.7% of … Naturally, you will have to be informed about the actual market price of the fuel in the destination you will sail to have the right or most approximate calculation of the boat fuel cost. Most yards do not let you stay aboard while it’s on the hard but some do. And, if you do that, do they let you stay with the boat or do you have to find another place to stay while you are cleaning the underside or making repairs? How many times have you had to deal with undesirables? The Royal Princess is not scheduled to return to the Caribbean until November 2018 for a season of 7 and 14-night cruises. We decided to sail non stop from Fort Lauderdale to the Berry Islands. We had heard that clearing customs on Great Harbor Cay was very simple so we decided to try it out. The Bahamas themselves comprise 700 islands over 100,000 square miles of ocean, which is home to some of world's clearest water – so even considering some potential high prices, the islands might be worth a visit. That’s great you guys. DO NOT leave Eleuthera without doing these 5 things! We have met nothing but pleasant people along our journey. We just Launched “Thirsty Yesterday, and Lori has already started seArching for a cat, she wants to sail. Keep the videos coming but don’t let it come in the way of anything! How Much Does it Cost to Sail the Bahamas?? Fuel cost will definitely go up for me but a water maker will be a great savings. This year My wife, Kimberly, and I are just now planning on a boat to eventually sail it from San Francisco to the Caribbean for long term adventuring. That’s great guys, very reasonable cost for an adventure as such. According to that ranking, you’ll spend 99c instead of your $1 in the Bahamas, but you’ll spend 45c in the Dominican Republic. “A 32-foot boat for a week will cost $1,500 in the summer and $3,000 in the winter months.” Even though Gary and Julie were careful with their funds, they discovered they could still … But coming back down to earth. In order to explore and set foot on land in the Bahamas, you must clear customs and purchase a cruising permit. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We do not have an A.C. but we do have multiple fans and windows. Can I find something in the 140/150 range that’s not close to being turn key and that’s not going to bust the piggy bank of incidentals which I’m hoping to be able to put 10k in there. The majority of this food was eaten by the three of us. Marina Store (Bilge pump, connectors, 12 v fan, misc. Just curious what kind of Sailboat you have. I have watched a good percentage of your video’s and have learned a lot We needed a way to access internet so we could continue uploading videos. The average price for a boat rental in the Bahamas may depend on several factors. What the customs process is? I’m single, sailing solo, so I eat out a bit more than you guys, I also tend to stay in marinas about 50% and anchor out about 50%. We were able to upload multiple videos to Youtube, post on Instagram, and stream movies every night. We spend most of the hottest part of the day either in the water or exploring where we are. Overall, it balances out at about £35 per month. I plan on doing something very similar but with a small trawler. Jupiter Mobile: 10 Gallons of Diesel and 15 gallons of gasoline: $78.40, Treasure Cay Fuel Dock: 11 gallons of diesel 5 gallons of gas: $76.95 +$5 tip, Marsh Harbor fuel dock: 5 Gallons of Gas  $24.50 + $3tip, Hope Town:  8 gallons of gas $42.56 +$5 tip, Highbourne fuel dock: 5 gallons $25.50 +$3 tip, Sailfish Marina (final fill up so our tanks are topped off and ready for the next adventure): 22 gallons $71.95 +$5 tip. […] If you are wondering how much a trip to the Bahamas cost find out HERE […], […] is more than double our daily cost in the Bahamas but a bit less than our cost in the Dominican […]. My husband and I admire both of your ambition and the hard work you put in to make it happen. I also hope that it can help other sailors or soon to be sailors by giving them an idea of what two months of expenses in the Bahamas could look like. Lol. The Cruise features a 10-night Caribbean voyage on the Royal Princess, which belong to Princess Cruises’s fleet. How Much Does it Cost to Sail the Bahamas?? And why wouldn’t they want the you read and the economy that would provide? If I have to do that then I may as well throw in the towel cuz that’s my entire budget. – 2018, Trawler vs. Catamaran - Tula's Endless Summer, Internet Options for Cruising the Bahamas - Tula's Endless Summer, How Much Does it Cost to Sail from Florida to New York? Be sure to consider all kinds of rental options! We offer 16 unique destinations filled with exciting experiences below and above water. This year with My Island Wifi we used over 500GB in the same amount of time. Not that your laundry bill is going to break the bank, but we started using large chamois towels instead of traditional. How much does a Caribbean cruise cost? Location: Situated in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is a chain of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida, northeast of Cuba. This cost will now probably go down, as Campingaz gas is cheaper in Europe. One of our favorite restaurants was Pete’s Pub in Little Harbor. How long does it take? What do you guys do for healthcare? Maybe they are privately owned? So is it possible to buy a cat that 30 years old and it be basically up to date minus incidentals and regular maintenance. You may have answered these in the past but I’m a new subscriber here and possibly just haven’t seen the post. Excluding flig… It is smart to arrive in the Bahamas with all the spare parts you think you might need. Love what you are doing . We have a few on the boat but you are right we should get more! Looking forward to your next adventure! that’s really cheap considering it is for a 2 month trip. Publix (Fresh Food): $337, Hatchet Bay Grocery: $50 How do you deal with the heat? When grocery shopping we also try to buy high quality/organic meat and veggies whenever they are available. Luxury Yacht Chartering in the Bahamas A 'Bahamas yacht charter' itinerary can be developed to meet virtually every need, view the Exuma islands. Surf Shack: $27 Coffee: $7 they paid back then 75.00 a day. dock on Long Island. The BEST Islands in the Bahamas – On the Beaten Path. One more difference, I tend to turn my engine on if I’m going less than 4 knots sailing. As you said, any budget varies widely from person to person. Capital: Nassau Climate: The Bahamas has a tropical climate throughout, moderated by warm waters of Gulf Stream. The numbers listed above are OUR costs of sailing the Bahamas. We have spent the past two months sailing the Bahamas. Lucky for us the majority of that time was under sail so our diesel consumption was limited. The cost is Kimberly’s main concern. Bahamas outer islands ran more in the $80-$100 range, though we split the cost with another couple. My Island Wifi is $75 a month with a one-time refundable deposit of $50 for the device and $10 for shipping. The annual maintenance cost is between $2,000 - $3,000 for most boats, but the actual total annual cost is $3,000 to $7,000. Bringing a dog to the Bahamas also requires a separate import permit ($10) and a health certificate ($65). We use Navionics and a Raymarine chartplotter. That is incredibly cheap for the adventure all of you had, not to mention the life time of memories. Family of four estimated monthly costs: B$6,227; Single person estimated monthly costs: B$3,300; Bahamas is the most expensive country in Latin America (1 out of 15) Bahamas is the 4th most expensive country in the World (4 out of 75) However, sometimes a night at the dock can make things like laundry and filling up with water much easier. we would carry 1200.00 cash with us. Love you guys! Delos doesn’t use them that much or LaVagabond either. Let’s be honest our engines are OLD. This includes your fishing and cruising permit as well as clearance for the Captain and two “crew members”. A: We do not sail directly from Nassau into Marsh Harbour. These rates include $1M liability and medical insurance. Check out the video below to get a sneak peek of what is served! You have inspired us to someday be the much older version of you guys and explore many unknown and beautiful places by boat. Cost: Given the distances involved, very low. You can’t really blame them for charging a cruising permit that covers your fishing license too as you are traveling through their gorgeous country and using their resources (fish, conch, etc.). Stocking up in Florida before we set sail. We can easily, with plenty of income left over, meet these amount so this helps put her mind at … Monthly Average of $916; Daily Average of $30; Not too shabby for six months of cruising life. Hey guys watch your videos all the time. but in all fairness, i would captain charters for BYS out of Marsh Harbor. Generally bus fares seem to range between 75 cents and $3 — when they're an option. The card is renewable annually for $25. In the Hurricane Zone (Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean) Annual insurance in this region will generally cost you 1.5%-1.7% of the hull value. My question to you is this. You may also call and text using wifi enabled apps so keeping in touch with our family was a breeze. We have cruised the Bahamas many times and are aware that groceries are more expensive and sometimes hard to come by in the Bahamas. Can’t blame her. Here is a list of what we spent sailing around the Bahamas for 60 days. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are there any rules about staying in the protection of the bay? Why a large boat? You might could shave your food bill there, especially on root vegetables (which are mostly organic anyway). Thats personal and I understand. clearing in cost then was around 75.00. we would stay four to five months and return with money left over. We lock our cabin door when we leave just in case. before I ask my main question. June 25, 2017 . This is perfect. Do you apply prior to arriving? - Tula's Endless Summer, How Much Does it Cost to Sail the Bahamas?? We were super lucky on this trip to team up with My Island Wifi. It will cost you more to stay home than to cruise and party with us. The distance from Florida to the Bahamas is only 313 miles, which allow you to sail on the Atlantic Ocean among these beautiful regions. Below is a list of what it cost to sail the Bahamas. That’s three times as much to buy, three times as much on shipping and import duty and three times as much to fly a Swiss specialist over to install them. -2019. If I divide our total costs by our 60 days in the Bahamas we average about $56 a day for two people and a dog. You can usually find anything you would need in Nassau but in the outer islands, George Town or Long Island would probably be your best bet. We save on our fuel bill by sailing as much as possible! Area: 5,359 square miles (13,880 square kilometers).Slightly smaller than Connecticut. It is always ideal to bring extra cash for other excursions you want to try. The bulk shopping makes our initial grocery shop look very expensive but it keeps our costs down in the long run. Renting a boat in the Bahamas costs from 2800 dollars per week in low season. The easiest way to access internet was to buy a BTC sim card and use an unlocked iPhone as a personal hotspot for our phones and computers. In my opinion that is pretty dang good for being in such a beautiful place and constantly adventuring. For this $280 we were able to use a total of 90 GB. I also track my sailing costs. -2019 - Tula's Endless Summer, How Much Does It Cost to Live on a Boat in 2020. Thank you My Island Wifi for partnering with us and allowing us to keep up with our work! Population: 332,634 (July 2018 est.) BTC Sim Card, 15Gb data, and text/minutes: $75, Nassau Harbor Club: $1.75/foot/night (7.5% charge for using credit card) $215. And no need to. We spent most of our time anchored and exploring secluded areas without any restaurants. I’ve been watching your videos and pretty impressed at the things you guys do and not being afraid to tackle a job like the holding tank. Ok what I really need to know. The majority of our miles are completely FREE. Do either of you get sea sickness – even on rough days? We are also very lucky that our dinghy engine is super fuel efficient. As you can see our downfall on this trip and our Bahamas adventure is going out to […], […] We spent most of our time anchored and exploring secluded areas without any restaurants. There use to be no permit fee years back. Catamarans Insured for Private Use . How much does it cost to rent a boat in the Bahamas? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’ve been shopping around. So I remember when you guys bought that cat and I think you said it was a 88 or 98, can’t quite remember but I dont remember you saying what you paid for it. Now to see if we can keep it up or possibly go even lower. However, I believe there are now a few places in Miami and Fort Lauderdale that anchoring is now restricted. I mean you know that list could go on and on. I’ve been there in summer and the heat makes it almost intolerable. In Total, that’s almost $5500 for six months of cruising in the Bahamas. How far we could go in 2 weeks from Miami and back? Hi Mike:) Abacos, Exuma,Eleuthera , Cat, Destinations available by water only. We just have a standard health insurance. In order to explore and set foot on land in the Bahamas, you must clear customs and purchase a cruising permit. My favorite purchase from the marine store. The permit in the Bahamas is well worth it to cruise such a beautiful and vast archipelago. This year was a bit of an eye-opener for us. Governors Harbour Bakery: $12 We try to limit eating out as much as possible but a big part of traveling is experiencing new cultures which in turn means trying new foods. Sailing the Bahamas How much does it cost? What about pirates? Of course the price of a sailboat depends on many factors, like the size for example, and your choices determine whether sailing is a rich man's game, or actually a very good holiday investment (which beats driving around to bungalow parks for sure - both in cost and in fun). 5. Bimini, Bahamas Call today 954-969-0069. You’ll probably want to still use cotton towels for Jetty but we found the shammy to be awesome. The islands we visited included: Our boat holds a total of 80 gallons of diesel fuel. ): $262, Uploading Youtube videos via My Island Wifi. Great Harbour Cay, Fish Market Cays, Hoffman’s Cay, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Compass Cay, Long Island, Conception Island, Crooked Island, Long Cay, Acklins Island, Great Inagua, Little Inagua, and last but not least Mayaguana. I love shammies! We left from Palm Beach Inlet and hit almost every Island from the northern Abacos down to the Exumas. Hey Guys, thought you might like to see the difference between now and what it was like in the 80’s.

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