In a world of complexity I find myself drawn to people who create. In an avalanche of opinions, those who take pause to reflect, roll up their sleeves and get stuck-in to create things that hold value for another, I find these are the people whose message resonates strongest.

Never trust a skinny chef, right?

Those that have been part of a product development journey will tell you that it isn’t easy and requires a ton of grit and agility – but it is what the product you are creating represents that truly drives you.

It is the intellectual, social and yes, spiritual, reward that you get from putting something into the market that inherently has value, for people to see and feel what it stands for, for a community to form around it, and for it to grow and mature, have longevity.

Working in marketing and technology, I know however it is easy to “create”. Like opinions, ad campaigns, buzzfeed posts and Big Macs, more often than not products are thrown together hastily, served in bulk and not very good. Rather, it’s those who put a premium on long-term value, over short-term bursts that are the best at using product innovation to differentiate themselves.

(hat-tip to Stephen Randall for the Big Mac reference)

When I visit companies who are seen as leaders in their industries, without fail I see their appreciation for creating beautiful, functional and human products. I see the impact of this product innovation culture on the energy of their people, the loyalty of their customers, the strength of their brand and, ultimately the growth of their business. This success holds true for the individual creator as well.

These are the people and companies that interest me, and I believe they interest me because they fight the temptation to shout the loudest for the sake of seeking attention, rather they have a sincere belief that the quality of their product will speak the loudest.


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