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The latest research from MIT states that a “Transformative Vision” and being “Forward-Looking” are the most important skills organisational leaders should have to succeed in a digital workplace. And when staff are asked what they would like their leader to have more of to navigate digital trends, they answered “Direction”.

Our innovative POP programme mobilises leadership and teams to create their organisation’s Picture of Potential in a way that not only provides a North Star but helps break down Silos, getting everyone to move forward in the same direction, with energy and purpose.

Through a series of innovative interactions, your POP creation will enable you to co-create a vivid picture of what your customer experience, operational processes, product offering or culture will look like in a future impacted by digitalisation.


A POP gives you a consistent beacon of light with which to align your strategy.



It’s also the critical foundational piece to help your digital governance team steer your digital projects.



Ultimately, it gains the buy-in required from your teams to drive your digital initiatives.


The 21st century business model will have a Digital DNA at its core born directly from its  purpose.

– Mike Perk, Founder of WWC

A POP is a compelling declaration of the company’s intention for the future it wishes to create. The end it wishes to see. But unlike the usual “vision” created by companies, those currently driving forward with successful digital transformation are describing a Picture of Potential that moves away from its own self-interest and takes a world view that focuses on the common good.

A Transformative Vision is not just about guiding a strategy for digital transformation. In today’s world, employees want to know they are working for a company that is striving to improve the world beyond their own balance sheet, and customers want to know they are buying from a company that is bettering society. A Picture of Potential creates the motivational alignment between all these stakeholders in order to drive decision making and growth.

It enables a company to traverse through the uncertainty and disruption of the 4th industrial revolution and deal with the subsequent VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) more easily. Why? Because when we align our organisation’s future with a clear purpose, beyond simply making money, and provide a purpose that resonates deeply with the people that work in that organisation, a purpose beyond self-interest and for the greater good, those same people are more likely to take up arms and fight together for something they’ve all bought into and believe in.

The knock-on effect seen by those organisations creating a Picture of Potential is invaluable to building success in today’s age. Their people become more willing to adapt when the strategy inevitably goes awry (due to the digitally disruptive environment we operate in).

With a clear Picture of Potential acting as the beacon of light to aim for, leaders start to naturally appear across the organisation at all levels and in all circumstances, because they now have a purpose-focused vision from which to assess, and then make decisions. And they are enabled to make those decisions without repercussions and fear because they are making them based on the best interest of the company direction and the greater good of society, a Picture of Potential they have all bought into.

"The First Step to turning intention into reality is a compelling declaration of the future you want to create"

"The Picture of Potential creation helped us to galvanise our vision about how we can invest with care in the future from a digital perspective. We still have a way to go to realise this picture of potential, but it allowed us to rally around a common digital vision that we can strive towards. Their process for engaging all stakeholders from the leadership to staff was appreciated as it ensured that a coherent message is communicated to everyone."

– Petri Greeff, Head: RisCura Solutions

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