Rand Fishkin Presents The Paradox Of Exceptional Marketing At Heavy Chef

Last night (10 November 2014) was no ordinary night at Heavy Chef in Cape Town. We hosted The Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin who presented on The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing.

“Why is the night sky so quiet?” was the first question posed by Rand, who kickstarted his presentation by making reference to The Fermi Paradox: “the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probable existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations and humanity's lack of contact with such civilizations.” The introduction took the audience of digital marketing professionals and SEO practitioners on an intergalactic journey back to a similar paradox that exists in digital marketing.

There are over 200 million active websites online, yet most people will only visit between 200 and 2000 (1 to 10 in a million) of those sites in their lifetime. Web users have developed ways of filtering out the daily deluge of marketing (and remarketing) messages, social network content and emails. The challenge for marketers? Becoming signal rather than noise. Rand’s presentation provides some key insights into how marketers can take companies from “invisible” to “known and loved,” online. His full presentation is available here:


Here’s what Heavy Chef guests had to say about the event: 

We’d like to thank Backsberg for treating guests to complimentary red and white wine which was thoroughly enjoyed as always. We'd also like to thank Channel Mobile for ensuring that all our guests were reminded of the event details via SMS as well as Uber Cape Town who gave first-time riders R200 off their trip to or from the event. Our thanks also goes out to GQ Magazine South Africa for providing Heavy Chef with GQ magazines for all our attendees. Lucky guest, Wouter Kritzinger tweeted the winning question for Rand and won a set of Coloud™ Knock Headphones sponsored by Microsoft SA.

The World Wide Creative team sends a massive shout out to Rand Fishkin for such an amazing event and an insightful presentation. It was an honour to host such a digital Heavy Chef.

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See you all at the next event!

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